Friday, May 9, 2008

Finally with the 90's!

I'm new to the blogging world. As my daughter Chelsea says, "Mom, you're finally with the 90's!" Better late than never, though, as the old saying goes.

The radio interview went well. As usual, after each interview/speech I give, I scrutinize myself and wish I would've said or not said something. But I'm learning that as long as I remember to pray first, (which I do -- a lot-- before each speaking engagement or interview) then I need to leave the results in the Father's hands. I need to trust that He heard my prayer and that He led me to speak or not to speak, what HE wanted.

Speaking of speeches: My friend, Pat, and I, will be speaking to a total of 200 female inmates at the Franklin Pre-Release Center on Sat. May 17. There will be 2 sessions of 100 inmates each. While she and I are not afraid of going into prisons, we are afraid of missing what the Lord wants to say through us. We want to speak words of hope and encouragement to these ladies - as they live in a very negative atmosphere. We also want to make sure these women know they can be forgiven by God, and that He has an awesome plan for their life. Please pray for Pat and I as we prepare our messages, and for Carolyn, who will be playing the guitar for praise and worship.

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