Thursday, April 15, 2010

For the Love of Facebook

I, like millions of others, have become caught up in the world of Facebook.

I told myself I wouldn't - but after much pressure from my kids and ex-classmates, I caved. And...I am glad I did. The ministry opportunities are endless! There is such a relaxed atmosphere about Facebook and the way it seems to allow/encourage users to be more open and willing to sharing their heart, that I could spend all day just encouraging total strangers!

Of course, you do see a lot of selfless advertising, and that, too, doesn't seem to bother me too much. If I'm not interested, I simply don't click on the prompt.

But, there is one prompt that I hope, if you see posted on fb, you won't skim over. Yes, I too am unashamedly blowing my own horn. And I have to ask it bragging or promoting yourself, if you are using the gift that God gave you to "promote" Him and how Jesus has changed your life? I truly think not. But this promotion thing is something that Chritstian writers, especially, struggle with a lot. Most of us are very uncomfortable with it, and quite frankly, we don't like the way it takes up our time and keeps us away from doing our actual writing. However, if we want to get the "Word" out, then we have to promote the "words" God gave us. Ohhhh, a vicious cycle, but one we must travel, nonetheless.

So, if you have a few minutes to spare, and would like to learn more about me, please go to the below site that was posted on fb today. (Don't delay, there is a free book giveaway if you sign up at the end of the interview.)
Facebook Author Interview Today: Enjoy!

Facebook Blessings to You,
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