Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Fest Draws Near...

I have been consumed with Backwoods Fest preparations for days now: gathering decorations for our booth, making signs, price stamping hundreds of books and ordering thousands of new bookmarks. While I've held dozens of book signings in the past, this one is different - I'll be there 3 days in a row and there will be thousands of people. Thankfully, I only live 15 minutes away and can go home each evening; lots of vendors either camp there or get motel rooms. But, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere of the Backwoods Fest - very rustic and earthy with bluegrass music, kettle cooked food, and even an outdoor church service on Sunday morning for the workers/vendors. Who knows, maybe for once I'll actually get my fill of the fest - but don't count on it!
I did learn that the new Christmas book that I've contributed to (Christmas Through a Child's Eyes) will be released in time for the festival, but not the new Chicken Soup for the Soul: Empty Nester's. I will be taking (autographed) orders for the Empty Nester's book, though, and I'll pay the shipping. Also, if by some miracle I sell out of books at the fest, I will take orders for each book and pay the shipping for them, too.
In the meantime, my agent (from Hartline Literary Agency) told me that the proposal for the new boomer humor book I'm working on has been making it's rounds to various publishers. It is about one-third written, so I'll have that to finish writing after the fest.
If you're looking for books to challenge you to come up higher in your Christian walk, I can highly recommend two books by Jerry Bridges, The Practice of Godliness and The Pursuit of Holiness. I seldom re-read books, but these two I definitely will!

Enjoy these fleeting autumn days (that white stuff will be here before we know it), and...hope to see ya at the fest!

(Proverbs 3: 5-6)
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