Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sunrise and Sunset

I was flipping the page on my calendar this morning to September, when I paused to “say goodbye” to the beautiful August photo; a stately lighthouse perched on the edge of a rocky shore flanked by a gorgeous sunset. The scripture attached was, “The Lord hath done great things for us.”(Psalm 126:3)

Staring at the beauty of the parting rays of sunlight, I asked myself how I knew the photo was of a sunset and not a sunrise. What is the difference between the two?

As I contemplated this, I mused that a sunrise is brighter and a sunset more soft. A sunrise is usually concentrated in one area, and a sunset is often spread more across the horizon. Sunrises are typically stark yellow, while sunsets can run the gamut of a color palette.

To me it’s as if the Lord is communicating:  Sunrise! Look up! Let the Son rise in your heart! Give Him praise! Roll up your sleeves and embrace the day!

Sunsets, on the other hand, speak:  Let our hearts fill with humble gratitude as we give thanks for the gift of this day; the myriad colors representing the many blessings we received both great and small. Its breathtaking beauty should cause us to lift our hands to the heavens and praise Him.

As I reflect on August and the short but powerful verse attached, I agree: the Lord has done great things for us. Even in the daily take-it-for-granted happenings of each day (such as promising sunrises and reflective sunsets), if we pause and remember the small stuff, we can see that yes, God HAS done great things for us. He has given us the gift of another day of life, love, and laughter. Did we live it fully? Did we give praise and thanks to God for His many gifts?

As we turn the page of the calendar, let us not forget the giver of the gifts – for He alone is worthy.

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