Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Brevity of Time

The slowest two months out of the year (when you're a kid, anyway) was always November and December; you counted down the days until Christmas. But as an adult, January and February are the ones that drag on for me. And for most of us the quickest two months out of the year have to be June and July. One day school is out and parents scramble to find sitters while anticipating vacations, the next day, or so it seems, they are shopping for school supplies.

As a matter-of-fact,I always thought that the new year should begin the first of September. I mean, even as a kid the first day of school WAS a new year; new teachers, new classmates, new clothes, new school supplies, sometimes even a new school. Why not make September 1st the beginning of the new year? It makes more sense.

It's the end of July right now and there's something distinctly different in the air as fall approaches: a crisp, earthy scent. And there are different sounds in the air, too; crickets and cicadas blend their shrill chirps and screeches, announcing the lazy, hazy days of summer are coming to a close. It's time to get the books out - it's time to get back into the habit of studying again. I, too, still have a desire to "go back to school" every fall or attend a writer's conference. Hopefully that urge to learn will never disappear.

How I long to hold onto these next few weeks - if only there were a way to bottle them up for those ice-covered, frigid days of February. With each passing year, everytime I mention how fast time flies, I hear myself sounding more like one of those seniors that I used to roll my eyes up at.

Speaking of flies - there's one in my office.

I guess I did find something about summer that I won't miss...

Blessings for your summer,
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