Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Holding Hands with Jesus

I'm knee-deep in conference preparations again. Each time I get ready for one I am amazed anew at how much work is involved (and I'm not even teaching at this one!). Creating the proposals, one-sheets and query letters, and getting them ready for scrutinization is a lot of writing. Still, like other attendees, I want to get the most bang for my buck, so I try to have a variety of materials ready. Of course I gear them toward the publishing houses who I want to represent me, but I also try to prepare for those "chance" meetings with editors who aren't necessarily on my list.

But what I seem to struggle with most is, anxiety. I begin stressing over the connections weeks before the conference: the flight connections, the luggage connections, the rental car connections, the conference location connection, and especially the editor connections.

Thankfully though, God gets my attention way before I leave my house, and reminds me that He is the great Connector. And oftentimes He even uses another writer to remind me. Whew! The burden is instantly lifted and placed on the shoulders of the One who is big enough to handle it. And it stays lifted, as long as I remember to turn to Him.

The bottom line is, I have saturated this conference in prayer. I belive God has led me to attend it, therefore He will see me through it. Period. I will get there when I am supposed to. I will meet those editors whom He wants me to meet. And lest I forget, He also wants me to be available to be used by Him to bless other attendees, especially those writers who have never been to a conference and who have no idea what to expect.

Just another lesson in the "it's not all about me" saga. God sees the big picture and He knows how situations in life are going to turn out, even before they begin. My part is to keep my hand in His hand and trust Him. Every time I remember to keep God and His Kingdom plans first, my needs are not only met, but are usually surpassed -and in more ways than I could ever imagine.

Keeping my hand in the hand of the Author of the greatest book ever,

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