Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Awesome God!

Have you ever wondered why God led you to a certain place at a certain time? Have you questioned Him, not knowing or seeing what He was up to and maybe doubting that you had even heard from Him in the first place?

I had one of those moments yesterday. A loved one is battling cancer. While my husband and I were in the waiting room with her family they told us that the main surgeon had just told them that he was going to perform radical surgery. This doctor had no bedside manners and he did not even want to review the recent tests reqested by another doctor. He was adamant that a lot of extreme facial surgery was necessary, involving the removal of an eye and some teeth. The family was numb with grief, as you can imagine.

My husband and I left them alone in their grief, so they could come to grips with the news. We all had known that there was a possibility of this happening, yet we hoped, up to the last minute, that it would not be so. After an hour, a nephew of my loved one walked by me and said they still had not begun surgery - she was still in pre-op. Suddenly I KNEW why we were there. My husband and I immediately joined hands and prayed hard that God would divinely intervene - that extensive facial surgery would not be necessary, that the main surgeon would be overuled by the other doctors and that proof would be given to convince that doctor that the cancer was isolated to one small area; that the cancer had not, in fact, spread as they feared.

And guess what? The surgery was completed in half the time estimated and no incision on the face was even necessary!!! They were able to enter under the lip and do all the operating that way, because it had stayed contained to one small area. And... instead of a 5-7 day stay in the hospital, she may get out this afternoon!

Praise the Lord for His mercy and for answered prayer! Our entire church has been praying for her for several weeks. God heard the heartfelt cries of His kids, and yesterday I KNEW why I was to be where I was.

Oh taste and see that He is good! His mercy endures forever!

Praising His name forever,
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