Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back - to Look Ahead

I don't have to tell you, but it's here again. Another year.

For me, before I can move ahead and look forward to the new year, I first have to look back. At the risk of sounding like one of those "old folks" who seem to constantly talk about how fast time is flying, suffice it to say that this year was the quickest yet. It was full of a lot of good stuff, and of course, some bad. God blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter, Elaina Sophia, but sadly, God chose to take my brother, Gary, home. While I fully believe it is not "sad" for my brother (I feel confident that he is in heaven and finally at peace), the circle of us five siblings has been broken. There is something about that missing link that is causing the rest of us to cherish each other more, I think. And oddly, Gary passed the day after my birthday - the day after I had been wondering which one of us would go first...

As the new year dawns upon the horizon, what new lives will enter - and what lives will pass on? Are we cherishing our loved ones like we should, realizing it could be our last day with them? More importantly, are we looking in the mirror and asking ourselves, "if I died today would I have accomplished the plan that God had for my life?" And on the heel of that question is the question to top all questions: "If I died today, where would I spend eternity?"

This year I am resolving to live my life with eternity in mind. I hope to stick to the lifelong habit of seeking God first every day, and asking Him what His agenda for me is. Then, after making a daily list, keep it before me and check it throughout the day - knowing God can, and most likely will, change it. Some of my best blessings from 2008 were a result of "spur of the moment" nudges I received from the Lord to do, to go, or to speak to someone. I want to become more in tune to the Holy Spirit and make myself constantly available to be a blessing to others, especially my loved ones.

Here's to a new year in Christ,
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