Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Politics and Prayer

Less than two weeks to go until the election and like many Christians, my heart is heavy with concern for our country. I could easily fall prey to watching CNN 24/7 and keeping myself all rattled with worry. And knowing that there are a large number of Americans who don't seem to place a priority on basic morals and values, and who are easily swayed by the eloquence of a speaker, could keep me fretting all hours.

But lest we forget, our great country was founded on Christian principles. I believe that is why God has chosen to abundantly bless our nation for the past two centuries, because we have put Him first. However, in the past few decades or so, many of us have turned our hearts away from Him, causingHis hand of protection to pull away from us, as a country...and it should. God deserves to be first in our lives, not a forgotten last.

Nevertheless, He is still on the throne. For those of us who know the Lord personally there is nothing to fear, no matter who gets elected. God is still in control and it will go the way He wants it to go, period. Our part is to pray. Pray for the elections. Pray for whomever gets elected and pray for the lost to seek Him...before it's too late.

God bless you and God bless America.

Prayerfully submitted,
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