Saturday, August 17, 2013

God’s Gentle Nudges

God is constantly speaking to us; His creativity knows no limits to get our attention. Quite often I experience this as little “nudges”. Sometimes God simply wants me to pray about something or for someone. Other times He wants me to give away something and help a stranger in need. Then there are times where He just wants to speak to my heart and soften the sharp edges that need tweaking.

I shared many of my experiences from my earlier walk with the Lord in my first book titled, God’s Gentle Nudges:  Inspirational Stories of How God Lovingly Leads Us Closer to Him. The feedback from this book has told me that many readers long for a closer walk with the Lord, too. Learning how God works in the lives of others gives us hope, and encourages us to persevere in our own life. God is the One who put the longing in our heart to get nearer to Him. He loves us more than we can imagine.

On Sat. September 7, I will be sharing more about how God reveals Himself in our lives at an all-day women’s retreat in Newark, Ohio. The sweet ladies on the committee have titled it, God’s Gentle Nudges. (For more info., click on the Appearances tab on my website ).

I will also be at the Final Friday on the downtown square in Newark, Ohio on August 30 from 3-8 pm. We’ll be set up close to the old jail on South 3rd Street. I’ll have my books for sale, including the latest book, Stories of Faith and Courage from Prison. Joining me will be my husband, Chuck. He will have his beautiful hand-crafted “rock” jewelry and bookmarks. Also joining us will be my two good friends, Connie Johnston and Nanette Friend. We three women have stories in the prisoner book, and we recently formed a new ministry, Set Free in Him Ministries. I’ll post more about our new ministry next week, as we’re already getting speaking engagements.  

Hope you're being "nudged" to come to one or both engagements. I'd love to meet you!

In His Service,


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