Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back to Normal

Not too long ago I was tired of "normal". Today, I am embracing that word.

Sometimes we get in a rut in life and we want things shaken up a bit, yet neither my huband nor I wanted this. My hubby had to have open heart surgery a few weeks ago and our world was (temporarily) turned upside down. A very serious heart problem was discovered while undergoing pre-op testing to have a torn rotator cuff and torn bicep operated on. He was immediately admitted to the hospital. Strange how, one day he was complaining about shoulder pain, and the next day we were both very grateful for it!

It was and still is a long painful journey for him (including his shoulder, which can't be operated on for a while), but you can be sure that we both have walked away with some new perspectives on, and appreciation of, life.

This morning, as my husband pulled out of the driveway for his first full day back to work, I couldn't help but think just how good it felt to have things finally becoming "normal" again.

And, every 3rd weekend in September in Thornville, Ohio, it is "normal" to attend the awesome Backwoods Arts & Crafts festival, where you can meander through the woods, checking out the 250+ vendors selling their handmade treasures, while enjoying bluegrass music and eating kettle cooked chips and popcorn. Besides the delicious food and unique gift ideas, there are fun activities, too. Once again it looks like God will bless us with gorgeous autumn weather.

Come enjoy the ambience and be sure to check out booth number 183. That's where I'll be with my 10 titles (4 new ones), and my writer friend, Candace Pope. She c0-authored the book, "Wheelchair for Sale" with Marvin Sallee. It is a delightful true story of miraculous healing and Pastor Marvin hopes to be there on Saturday to sign his books with Candace.

Strap your walking shoes on and come out and enjoy the fun. Don't forget to stop by and say hi. (For more info. on the fest, see my "Appearances" tab to the right.)

Praising the Lord for "normal",
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