Monday, May 19, 2008

Breaking the Chains that Bind

Our speeches at the prison were awesome. No, not because of the speakers, but because of Who was speaking through us. The Holy Spirit showed up in a big way and there were many lives touched, including mine.
Besides myself, my speaker friend Pat Collins spoke, and our guitarist friend, Carolyn Logsdon, led worship. None of us will ever forget that night. We set out to BE a blessing, yet WE were the ones who were blessed. The women were starved for words of hope and encouragement. I shared with them how there were 2 things that I've told the Lord for years that I did not want to do: 1) be a speaker and, 2) minister inside prisons. I warned them to be careful what you tell God you don't want to do! That is the exact thing He will ask of you, so that HE will get the glory (as it should be). I also added how incredibly blessed and enriched my life has become since (finally) obeying God in those 2 areas. If God brings us to it, He WILL see us through it, and He will not only use us to be a blessing to others, but in the process - He will bless our socks off!

It was incredibly humbling to see the changes that came over them within one hour. As they arrived we greeted them and many kept their eyes downcast. Afterwards most of them held their heads high and looked us straight in the eyes.

We received many heartfelt thank-you's, and one inmate even whispered in my ear, "Please come back soon. We need you."
We were deeply moved by the professions of faith and rededications to the Lord. We even brought home dozens of prayer requests.
It will be an honor to lift their burdens to the One who see's them and loves them...just as they are.

Thanks for your time...Connie (Matthew 25: 36.)

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