Saturday, March 21, 2015

God Moments

While sitting at the hairdressers this week and waiting for my turn, I picked up a  magazine to thumb through. Just then, I overheard the customer ahead of me say to my hairdresser that her husband was involved in prison ministry. She lamented on how few of the inmates receive visits or correspondence from anyone, including from their own family members.

"I was shocked!" She exclaimed. "I can't imagine being stuck in prison, but to not hear anything from the outside world would be an added layer of devastation."

When my hairdresser went to the back room to get a product, I took the opportunity to introduce myself to the customer and share that I, too, was involved in prison ministry. I commended her husband for reaching out to those behind bars and shared how strong the need was for volunteers to visit and write. I then suggested she and her husband might be interested in reading "Stories of Faith and Courage from Prison."

After sharing with her a little about my background in prison ministry and in writing, I told her I co-wrote the 365 day devotional book with a guy who worked for Prison Fellowship Int'l.

"There is a list of prison ministries in the back of the book, too," I added. "You and your husband might find those useful, along with reading true stories from the perspective of the inmates, volunteers, prison chaplains, wardens, family members, and others."

The customer was thrilled and asked if I had any copies. I keep a few of each of my books in the car, just for "God moments" like this. I love the way our amazing Lord connects us with total strangers who have like-minded hearts.

Later that day I reflected on meeting that woman. Hmmm...I usually don't arrive 10 minutes early for my hair appointment; two minutes maybe, but ten minutes, no. And, I am usually engrossed in what I'm reading and don't pay attention to the chit-chat around me...I was just about to open that magazine at the hair dressers and start reading....

Then suddenly, I recalled my quiet time from earlier in the morning.
"Help me to see You at work around me," I had prayed. "I don't want to miss an opportunity to be a blessing to others."

I don't always remember to pray for ministry moments, but after that brief encounter this week, I've been pumped up to stay alert to the mysterious ways our God works around us. How many times have I missed being a blessing to someone by being wrapped up in my own world?

Lord, give me eyes to see who I can help today.

"I will bless you . . . and you will be a blessing to others.” (Genesis 12:2 NLT)

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