Friday, July 5, 2013

The Seeing Eye of God

I don’t know about you, but when I shop, walk inside a bank, get gas for my car, or attend a public gathering, I often forget I’m being watched on a camera. I forget that what I am doing has the potential to be viewed by many. And in this day and age, anything we do could be put on You Tube and possibly viewed by millions— without our knowledge or permission. It is a mind-boggling thought, and one that makes most of us uncomfortable. Being observed by others without our knowledge, or consent, seems just plain wrong.
The flip side to this, however, is that lots of criminals get caught thanks to all these cameras. It’s hard to deny in a court of law that you did something when your face and actions are plastered on a screen. And who would argue the worth of film records when a terrorist or a horrible babysitter gets caught because of a hidden camera?
I’m not a You Tube junkie, but a while back there was a short video circulating of people getting caught in the act of kindness. It was wonderfully refreshing. We forget there are lots of good people in this world whose daily acts of kindness quite often go unnoticed. There are many dedicated caregivers who go the extra mile caring for people and keeping order in their home. They offer words of encouragement and hugs when they don’t have to. There are shoppers who pick up clothes on the floor left by others and hang them up. There are patient people in line who let strangers behind them go ahead. Many of these actions are filmed on camera, but seldom do they show up on the 6:00 news or get praised on a large scale…by man anyway.
Yet, our all-knowing, all-seeing God doesn’t miss a one. He doesn’t miss anything we say, do, or think. Our heavenly Father knows the good about us and the bad; yet loves us anyway. He seeks only our time, our attention, and especially our love.
Maybe we should be less worried about humans watching us and more concerned about our Holy God, the One whom we will stand before on Judgment Day. How do we live in front of Him?
God cares about the small stuff, and sees it. What if we lived like we truly believe He knows everything we say, do, or think? What difference would that make in our life?

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