Friday, May 29, 2009

Prison Ministry Update

My prayer warrior friend Pat, and I, went to the Ohio Reformatory for Women this week and were blessed to be able to donate 14 digital conversion boxes to the incarcerated women there. Several of the recipients are inmates in wheelchairs who live for their television and who have no one on the outside to assist in the cost of a conversion box. Even with the $40 coupons, it is still tough for many of them to come up with the remainder of the cost. What a blessing to be a part of this much needed ministry.

Special thanks go to our church family, First Baptist Church of Heath, for supporting this project. They allowed me to hold 2 book signings after worship services, with all the proceeds going toward the jail and prison ministry. And, following my speech at the mother/daughter banquet a few weeks ago, Ms. Valerie, the hostess, took up a collection for the inmate boxes. What a great church family Pat and I are a part of!

Like most of us I am thrilled that winter is finally behind us. It was a long one this year. But now I am torn between writing, yardwork and housework. Not enough hours in the day, or energy in the body! :-)

Please pray for my current book projects. One of my proposals is being considered for publication and is before the Book Review Committee at Beacon Hill Press. In this age of cutbacks, book publishers, too, are facing huge financial hurdles. Christian writers covet the prayers of the saints to assist in getting the Word out, now more than ever!

Writing for Him,

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